Codename: Wild Crops

Codename: Wild Crops

Devblog 0.1

--Welcome to the wonderous world of Wilderia--

To put it short, the game is a Farming 2d-Platformer.
I have been slowly developing the prototype baseline for the game for about 2 months now. It all started with the idea of "What if Stardew Valley was a platformer?". With all the ideas and features planned for this game it has now become entirely it's own thing.

For now the game looks like this. It does not have a core gameplay loop implemented, but a lot of systems and sub-systems have been developed, they just need to be stitched together with band-aids and glue.

Our little guy Carl is the main character of the game. Here is a bit of facts about him:

Eye colorHazel
Pretty short
Favourite foodCarrots 

Most of the current graphics are early first versions that will probably be updated in the future. For now the main focus is to make a core gameplay loop that can be played for a few minutes.

Stay tuned for more info!


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I'm looking forward to playing it!