Devblog 2: Carrots, Carrots and Carrots

Devblog 0.2

This update is a wonderful visual addition. I have been working on both drawing and implementing more of the graphics, so this week we now have the full growth-cycle for CARROTSinsert claps here. To enhance the current look of the game and make it seem less flat i have added randomized small decorations (flowers, small grass strands, big grass strands & more to come) to the empty ground tiles. The decoration system is abstract enough to be used with other things aswell, so keep following to see that...

Decoration randomization

Carrots (fully grown, and almost fully grown)

I changed the background colors a bit since it felt too dark / too nightly. I'll have to update all other shades of blue in the game to accomodate this, but it will be a good change in the end as the game will feel more vibrant!

Readying/plowing a farm tile now has a small feedback (highlighted in green) to better communicate to the player that they can now plant seeds here.

Highlighting when plowed

The backend for the inventory system has been improved a lot and the only parts neccesary now is the UI for it. Objects harvested can be picked up and does get added to the system (It even takes into consideration which food / seed you have activated in your main slot)

Carrot object to be picked up


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I'm looking forward to taking this game for a spin!

This gets more exciting as the devblogs come! can't wait to play this eventually :D