Devblog 3: Rich farmer

Devblog 0.3

Not much has been going on in the life of Carl. He has been farming his carrots for a while, and I've been working on making his world more lively. 

I've begun drawing a greenhouse that will be a main part of the game (psst. it'll have to do with seeds and crops). This greenhouse will be avaliable at multiple parts of the world.


Earliest version of the greenhouse in the game

The world has also begun taking shaping design-wise. It will be a metroidvania style level/world where there should be no loading screens. Different crops etc. will unlock parts of the world and allow you to progress further

Carl has gained a wallet of coins and can now pickup coins and other riches! This will still be worked on slowly and tweaked over the course of development, but everything needed to use money is now implemented. You'll be able to spend these coins to buy seeds and other stuff. If you want an in-depth tutorial into how I did the whole fly-effect and sizing, leave a comment.


Collecting a bunch of coins feels this satisfying!

If you want to influence the development of this game i now have a public read-only Trello board, and also a link to a feedback/suggestions Google Forms.

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